Jewelry Backed Loans

Need fast cash on the spot? Let Kluh Jewelers help you out! We now offer Jewelry Backed Loans right in store.
There are no credit checks, no reporting to credit agencies and, most importantly, no legal consequences if you default. Simply bring your item(s) to us and we will evaluate your jewelry, diamonds, watches, or gold and present you with a loan value while you wait. If you decide to accept the loan, a ticket will be issued containing a description of the item, the loan amount borrowed and a due date. During the loan period you maintain ownership of your item. At the end of the loan period the borrower has 3 choices:
  1. Redeem the item by paying the amount of the loan & interest charges.
  2. Pay the interest and renew the loan for a new loan period.
  3. Surrender the item.
Quick, Easy, and Trustworthy! Leave it with Kluh Jewelers friendly staff and know you jewelry items are safe and secure!